BREXIT: my opinion

What sad times we live in now.  I don’t know which stars crossed where, but it seems to me the world has gone mad.  Brexit.  In my lifetime, short of a third world war ( now increasingly possible it seems ) nothing will be this huge.  Brexit is shattering, devastating and now there shall be consequences of which we will be learning more and more with each passing day.

For what it’s worth I felt proud and blessed to live in a country called the UK – inclusive then of Ireland and Scotland who it seems will both be detaching themselves from our apron strings at their earliest opportunity.  I gladly swore loyalty and devotion to the Queen of  what I considered to be a great and noble country and I didn’t do that lightly.

On my mothers side I have a lineage which goes back to great, great English grandparents who hailed from and around Poole in Dorset for generations.  I grew up with English literature, art, architecture, values and a religious background of Quakers in our family. There’s not much Vera Lynn I don’t know, nor Noel Coward, nor Flanders and Swann to name but a few.  I grew up knowing all the words to The White Cliffs of Dover and I could tell you all about nailing little metal bottle tops to the floor – ( thank you, Flanders and Swann).

I was also very happy to embrace the rich history, beauty, culture and the whole Ethos of Europe.  Not just Greece, but Italy, France, Germany and Austria where in fact I worked in various Trade Fairs around Europe for years.  I am eternally grateful for those wonderful jobs that took me to those beautiful places and for the opportunity that gave me to meet people from other European countries who so greatly enriched my life.  It saddens me beyond words to know that it will no longer be possible for English people to go and work in these beautiful countries.  I am sad for the young people and the little children I know and love who have just had future opportunities and possibilities radically diminished by an older generation of people who are seemingly loathe to leave their armchairs to travel as far as the local shops, let alone around Europe.

I’m simply devastated that we have severed ties to those beautiful countries completely forgetting what some of those countries did for England after the Second World War, Greece included, in terms of loans and agreements following the terrible crash that hit this country.

I’m stunned that Cornwall voted OUT when it was Cornwall for whom the EU did the most and I am appalled by a rampant desire to isolate this country against its allies. Forgetting that only 27 years passed between two world wars and the decades that have passed since the last one, thanks to the EU, there seems to be neither awareness nor concern about the fact ( Lest we Forget ) that divided we fell as +60 000 people perished when European fought  European.

Is no one asking why Russia encouraged us to Brexit and are we truly to applaud ourselves for doing as Donald Trump said we should do.

We live now in a deeply divided country.  A country in which old friends who previously might have agreed to disagree realise that fundamentally their core values are so profoundly opposed they can no longer communicate at all.  This has brought us to the brink of something, and we shall soon find out to our detriment what this something is.

My dearest friend Gavin Cutler summed it up very beautifully for me in a text when he wrote to me as follows:

“Hello to you from teeny-tiny li’l England all alone and divorced from beautiful Europe and drifting away with every tide.”


2 thoughts on “BREXIT: my opinion

  1. I could not dig: I dared not rob:
    Therefore I lied to please the mob.
    Now all my lies are proved untrue
    And I must face the men I slew.
    What tale shall serve me here among
    Mine angry and defrauded young?

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