Christmas Trees!


Christmas tree 2

Are our Christmas Trees a reflection of who we are and where we are at in our lives?

Think about it:  Above we have a bare, white, stark tree – no leaves, because it is artificial of course.  Yet  it is slender, and elegant and unique in it’s own slightly arty way.  Judging by the way these white trees have been selling out all over town they have become a very popular choice.

So why?  Why would this tree be so popular?  Perhaps because it is a blank canvas on which absolutely anything can be written.  So, when we decorate this tree with pretty things, or even beautiful things, is this a reflection of what we are doing for ourselves?  Are we perhaps feeling a bit like a blank canvas in need of  a bit of  “decorating”?  Look at yourself in the mirror.  Of course we do.  Especially at Christmas and for all those special occasions ahead of us.  After all,  why not.

Or is it a bit deeper than that?  Is it that we find perhaps that we live cluttered lives and the last thing in the world we want to do is clutter up our lives more.  Perhaps we just want to bring order and a little control into the chaos.  This way, we carefully select the exact decorations of our choice to place them very precisely on every branch with absolute control over their position.  Is this something we kind of wish we could do with ourselves?  Be pretty, attractive and perfectly positioned in our lives?

A friend of mine has a plastic tree that looks like a real tree.  She did not choose it herself, but she was involved in the decorating of it.  On this tree are the most extraordinary,  eclectic decorations – nothing conventional – a very jazzy Father Christmas who appears to be surrendering, just hanging there from his hands with a look of abject resignation.  An Elf , also jazzy, appears to be frantically climbing to the top of the tree in a bid to escape from it.  Coloured red, white and purple  baubles hang off  branches here and there, and the tree is coated in thick silver tinsel ( to hide the flaws? ) and lit in garish, multi-coloured lights.  For all it’s oddness, this tree is warm and interesting and very amusing indeed.  This friend would say that on many levels this tree is pretty much a perfect reflection of her life right now.  Mixed up relationship, frantic responsibilities with children and a constant need deep within her to escape from it all!

Now what about those elegant trees – those rich, full opulent trees –  tall and dense, and decorated in only gold, or only silver, draped with all sorts of golden or silver beads or bows and lit tastefully in a way that implies fullness and luxury.  These are surely trees that reflect the lives of those who have them.

I have another friend for whom every decoration is lovingly and painstakingly hand made by herself, her husband and her children and believe it or not, the tree is actually lit with actual candles.  I do not know how it does not burn down, but magically it doesn’t.  Yes – as you have guessed, this friend works from home and lives a frugal yet comfortable life.  Her tree, more than any of the above mentioned, truly does reflect her life and their lives as a family.

Finally of course, there are folk who just rush out, buy a tree and put whatever they have on it without much thought or consideration at all.  This too, might well be a reflection of themselves – doing what they feel is right and has to be done, but in the fastest most uncomplicated way possible.  Do you know people like that?  I do.

So ask yourself this – do you KEEP your old decorations?  Are you that kind of person?  Do you keep things, safely wrapped away never to be seen until the following year? Or do you spend and end.  I mean – do you go out, buy less expensive decorations and dispose of them to replace them afresh next year?  Is that who you are?

Take a look at your tree and see what it says about you.  OH, and of course most of all, have a perfectly WONDERFUL Christmas – wherever you are, whoever you are, and whatever your Christmas tree looks like!!





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