Nelson Mandela and Me

Re He will continue to live in all of our hearts forever.


Nelson Mandela and Me

Updated post on this sad day.

Antonia Gialerakis

Mandela pic one


AMANDLA!  Strength, Power, Force and Might.

AMANDLA wethu!  Ours!

South Africa,1979.  We, students and professionals alike, were up in arms against Apartheid and marching through the streets waving banners decrying apartheid and the evils of the era in which we lived.  We were demanding the immediate release of a man who had already served 17 years in prison for conspiring to overthrow the government.  I was two years old in 1962 when Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on Robben Island.  He had been in prison my whole life.  Nelson Mandela was intrinsically a part of our lives.  Incarcerated, he was set physically apart from our lives.  Yet he was Nelson Mandela, a figure central to our lives.  A minority of us were “white”, the “colour” of the oppressor, but we knew right from wrong.  We understood the horrific injustices of the apartheid regime.  Mandela was on our conscience…

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